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PiSquare has
foundational and industry-leading expertise
in real-time technology. 

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PiSquare Knows Real-time.

Real-time Rendering

PiStage tools allow real-time engines to render elements or final frames. PiRender allows multiple passes and provides a full alpha.


Virtual Camera


Got a virtual world? You need to shoot it with a virtual camera. Shooting on set? Our solutions can record camera and set data in real-time.

Motion Capture

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From large-scale epic features to small indie projects, we can help find the right system for your production.

Real-time Compositing

Tracking, Pulling keys, and Comp. In real-time. CG over live action sets or green screen actors over your CG environment. 


Virtual Production

PiSquare has pioneering expertise in Virtual Production. We've been doing this since before it was cool.


Transmedia Workflow

The PiStage workflow is built on transmedia. Our automated conversion and version tracking make it easy. 


Remote Collaboration

Why should artists need to be together to work together? Real-time allows artists to work at the same time... from wherever they find themselves.


Virtual/Augmented Reality

Tired of looking at this flat screen? Put on your headset, and let us help you create your virtual experience. 

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