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The ability to modify animation and lighting through Maya to UE4 with little to no latency is very impressive. The shot converter tool is very useful. Once your shot is complete and good to go in Maya. You can run the shot converter and create a map with sequence in Unreal. That’s a big time saver, and it makes it easier to then go into Unreal and LookDev.

Johnson Thomasson

Virtual Production TD at The Third Floor

PiStage is so amazing!
Syncing the shots between Maya and Unreal Engine is super useful and efficient. And the real-time render quality is so good and beyond my imagination!

Chih Hao LO 
Pipeline Technical Director

PiStage redefines the lighting concept for digital animation. No more waiting, you just get it instantly! Even compute-intensive depth of field effects are now achieved in real-time! My working efficiency is highly accelerated, 300%! The overall performance is very impressive!!

Jimmy Chen
Digital Lighting and Compositing Artist

PiStage tools streamline the episodic production process and make animators’ lives easier by simplifying the tasks of asset management and shot tracking. It’s also easy to learn. I recommend Pi Square to all 3D animation & FX studios.

Anne An 
Dreamworks Animated Series Character Animator

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