May 14, 2018

PiStage 1.2 release notes

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Release Notes

PiStage 1.2

1. New: UE4.18.3 support.


2. New: PiConverter can do partial asset conversion. You may update only the meshes and keep the materials enhanced in Unreal Editor intact when converting an assets.

3. Changed “Save Asset As” behavior. When you run “Save Asset As” in PiManager, the Unreal contents of the opened assets are also duplicated as well as the Maya contents. In the previous version, only Maya contents will be save and you have to convert the duplicated assets again before adding it to the shot.

4. New: “Save Shot As”. This feature saves the currently opened shot as a new shot. It is useful when you want to reuse the setting of a shot and add some modifications.

5. New: UE4 plugin sync. When you add plugins to PiConverterGame.uproject, the settings will also automatically applied to other two UE4 project, PiViewGame.uproject and PiRenderGame.uproject. This is to make sure the output consistency among among PiConverter, PiView and PiRender.

6. Changed the behavior of “Open UE” in asset mode. Each asset has its own umap opened when you launch Unreal Editor by running “Open UE”. You may add the asset and change the environment of the umap for examining and testing the asset.

7. New attributes of Skeletal/Static assets:

  • Rendering

    • Bounds Scale

    • Lpv Bias Multiplayer

    • Translucemcy Sort Priority

    • Render CostomDepth Pass

  • Lighting

    • Cast Shadow

    • Affect Dynamic Indirect Lighting

    • Volumetric Translucent Shadow

    • Self Shadow Only

    • Dynamic Inset Shadow

  • Lighting Channels

8. New attributes of Point/Spot Lights:

  • Use Inverse Squared Falloff

  • Light Falloff Exponent

  • Min Roughnes

  • Shadow Resolution Scale

  • Shdow Bias

  • Shadow Filter Sharpen

  • Contact Shadow Length

  • Cast Translucent Shadows

  • Light Channels

9. Additional new attributes of Directional Lights

  • Light Propagation Volume

    • Dynamic Indirect Lighting

    • Indirect Lighting Intensity

  • Cascaded Shadow Maps

    • Shadow Distance

    • Num Shadow Cascades

    • Distribution Exponent

    • Transition Fraction

    • Distance Fallout Fraction

  • Light Shaft

    • Light Shaft Occlusion

    • Occlusion Mark Darkness

    • Occlusion Depth Range

    • Light Shaft Bloom

    • Bloom Scale

    • Bloom Threshold

    • Bloom Tint


10. New attributes of Sky Lights

  • Sky Distance Threshold

  • Lower Hemisphere Is Solid Color

  • Lower Hemisphere Color

11. New attributes of Post Process

  • Light Propagation Volume

    • Intensity

    • Size

    • Sec Occlusion Intensity

    • Occlusion Intensity

    • Diff Occlusion Exponent

    • Spec Occlusion Exponent

    • Light Injection Bias

    • Sec Bounce Intensity

    • Geometry Volume Bias

    • Emissive Injection Intensity

    • Occlusion Radius

    • Diff Occlusion Intensity

    • Spec Occlusion Intensity

12. New: Alignment options for creating static asset nodes. They are: “The origin”, “The center of mesh(es)”, “The pivot of the last selected”.

13. Content path setting will be kept when you reinstall or upgrade PiStage.

14. Trial version can be upgraded to standard version with node-locked license.

15. Bug Fix: Asset conversion works properly even when the asset umap is deleted manually.

16. Bug Fix: Static assets with additional nodes are allowed in a collective asset.

17. Bug Fix: Keys of locked attributes in shats can be queried and converted.

18. Bug Fix: Blendshape targets of the same name will be detected by Sanity Check tool and marked as a serious problem to be fixed.

19. Bug Fix: Collective asset can be unloaded and reloaded without any problems.

20. Bug Fix: Shapes with polyCopyUV input no longer crash shot conversion.

May 17, 2018

Very good, Thank you!

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