Apr 4, 2018

I have a question


I Koreans

I am not accustomed to English.

When you use your plugin

I want to know the condition of converting rigging I want to know the structure. Is there a condition or joint structure for the blend shape or skin data when changing from Maya to Unreal?

Apr 4, 2018

Hi Friend from Korea,

The main condition for rigging is that the bind skeleton can only consists of joints.

A skeletal asset needs a basic structure like this.

The " Skeletal Asset " tool can create this for you.

Then you can move the bind skeleton under "BindSystem" group, meshes with skin clusters and blendshapes under "Geometry" group, and the controllers and the other nodes under "MotionSystem" node.

The "Sanity Check" tool can help you find the problem in the rig structures.

These two video tutorial should help you learn more about preparing skeletal assets:



Let us know if you have further question.






Oct 15

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