Feb 7, 2018

long conversion times


The biggest bottleneck I'm finding now is the time spent waiting while assets convert. I'm not talking about the manual work of preparing and lookdeving the asset, but the automated process that PiSquare runs when you click "Convert into UE Asset."

In my experience, it takes 2.5 minutes to convert a standard character skeletal mesh and 1.5 minutes to convert a simple static mesh. If you have lots of assets to convert, obviously this becomes a big time cost. I wonder if a large part of that conversion time is the UE project loading and unloading in the background? Would it be possible to leave it running if you had many assets to convert? Sort of like an asset conversion server?


Feb 8, 2018

Thanks for your suggestion.

UE loading and unloading usually took about 10 sec. The conversion time is more related to the complexity of the rigs and meshes.

There will be batch conversion feature and then server conversion in the future version. And we are keeping optimizing the conversion process,


Ok. Glad to hear you're working on speeding up the process!

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