Feb 22, 2018

Use custom UE4 assets in PiStage projects

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Feb 26, 2018

1. Open the source project contain the needed assets in UE4.16 Editor.

2. In Content Browser, create a folder named "Shared_Library" right under "Content" folder.

3. Move all the assets/folders to be used in your PiStage project into "Shared_Library" folder. (Note: Move, not Copy)

4. Right click on the "Content" folder and run Fix UP Redirectors in Folder.

5. Save All, then close the editor.

6. In Windows File Explorer. copy all the files and folders in this "Shared_Library" folder to the "Shared_Library" folder of your PStage project. (e.g. C:\PiSquare\PiStage\Content\[projectName]\Content\Shared_Library\, you may use "Show in Explorer" in PiManager to find it)


The next time you run "Open UE" tool to open the checked-out asset or shot, you will find the copied assets in "Shared_Library" folder and can be used on the assets and shots within this project.


The steps are a bit tedious, we will add the tool to do it in the future PiStage version.

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